Arts In Education Teachers Grant

Congratulations to our Fall 2024 Recipients!

Teacher Mini-Grants

The Madison Education Foundation invites ALL educators in the Madison School District to apply for an Arts in Education Grant.  MEF encourages teachers to expand their lesson plans and integrate the arts into their classroom, via any artistic medium (Ex. animation, graffiti, performance, stained glass, sculpture, ceramics, photography, digital arts, art history, film, architecture). MEF grants money is available to enhance curricular projects that are not funded through regular school budgets.

Thank you to all our recipients, for bringing the arts into your classroom and assisting MEF in enhancing arts education district wide.  

To learn more please contact Mollie Dodd at

Congratulations to our Fall 2024 Recipients!

Liz Gengle Madison Meadows Middle School

Melissa Bracamonte Madison Traditional Academy

Megan Tracy Madison Meadows Middle School