Art Masterpiece

Art Masterpiece in Madison


The Madison Education Foundation (MEF) supports student and educational events and fundraisers to enhance district art programs.

Art Masterpiece is a Signature Program of MEF and the Madison School District.

Each Madison school has an Art Masterpiece site coordinator who works with the Director, Leeann Spangler. The site coordinators organize their school’s resources and volunteers in collaboration with faculty and admin.

Volunteers present during teacher selected class periods.

Each presentation includes historic, geographic and cultural relevance, artistic value, unique aspects, art appreciation and a class art project for each artist..


Art Masterpiece has been an active and loved program in our district since 1983. We have had thousands of volunteers and tens of thousands of participants spanning generations. Each school has a program that fits its needs and capabilities – 2-6 presentations per class, all year long or just in May. Very flexible!


Resources are available digitally and are matched with curriculum. Example: Roman hIstory can coincide with Roman art, Navajo rug design can be studied during Arizona history, IB characteristics focused at IB schools, science conceptual art at STEAM, presentations in Spanish or with Spanish words, etc. All while continuing to foster a joy and appreciation for art.

We need volunteers! Please contact your school site coordinator or for more information!!

Site Coordinators

Madison #1 Camelview - Savannah Galeviz Heights - Kristi Beaver and Rochelle Elliott

#1 PTO

Meadows - Zenia Hickson MTA- Amber Roberson Rose Lane- Aime Ransom and Martha Gillett

Simis - Morgann and Max Mahoney Park - Park PTO needed


The first Night At The Madison Museum took place on February 28, 2020 at the Madison Center for the Arts. This free family event, encouraged Madison families and students, to interact with the Smithsonian Libraries Traveling Trunks, explore the Madison Art Masterpiece program and experience why history is so exciting! Madison #1 theater students brought "art to life" with their interpretation of famous artists pieces of work and families had a fun time at the make and take art tables. The 2nd Night at the Museum will take place on April

To connect with the Art Masterpiece District Director click here