Art Masterpiece

2018 Art Card Contest Winners


Marbella, age 7, Camelview


Lailany, age 9, Camelview


Mya, age 10, Camelview


Lilian, age 11, Madison No. 1


Scotlyn, age 14, MTA

Art Masterpiece

Art Masterpiece turns Madison classrooms into fine art museums filled with hundreds of creative young minds at work.

With an inventory of over 200 separate works of art, our students are exposed to fine art. The children learn about the artists who created these masterpieces and become artists themselves through an art project that echoes the piece about which they just learned. Through Art Masterpiece, their classrooms become art museums!

Your gifts in support of Art Masterpiece help our young people expand their worlds, making a huge impact on their educational experience and overall development.

How to Get Involved

There are no prerequisites for becoming an Art Guide, besides an appreciation of art and a desire to be in the classroom!

Volunteers attend a 3-hour orientation session, as well as a school-specific meeting. In addition, they have the opportunity to shadow a seasoned Art Guide before presenting on their own.

All the information is provided: each work of art in the collection comes with its own packet of materials, containing research, project ideas, supplemental artwork and evaluations of past presentations. One Art Guide is assigned to one classroom, presenting 3 to 6 pieces over the course of the academic semesters. Presentations can last from 30 minutes to an hour.

To find out how you can become an Art Guide, contact our Art Masterpiece Program Director, Tina Shuquem, at

If you know the school at which you would like to volunteer, contact the Art Masterpiece Site Coordinator directly:

Camelview: Tina Shuquem (

Heights: Katy Harkins & Michele Lipovitch (

Meadows: Becky Nieto (

MTA: Tina Shafer (

No. 1: Susan Thompson-McHugh (

Park: Tina Shuquem (

Rose Lane: Tiffany Kell (

Simis: Megan Tracy & Liz Eells (